ARE YOU TWIST3D?? TWIST3D is an addictive puzzle game about making matches in 3D! Climb the leaderboard by spinning the cube, making matches and solving puzzles. MATCH: Tap to destroy matches of 3. SPIN: Spin the 3D cube to look for matches. SOLVE PUZZLES: Make matches to smash the glass and solve puzzles. Sounds easy enough, right?


  • Addictive and refreshing match-making experience
  • Enjoy the gorgeous and minimalistic art style and audio
  • Unlock powerful boosters for strategic decision making!
  • Challenge your Facebook friends to beat your best score
  • 90 brand new levels to delight all players
  • Tournament mode for the competitive!
  • Many more prizes to be found in Mystery Boxes
  • Beautiful animations and friendly hints to help you on your way!
  • Share completely unique snapshots of your achievements with friends
  • Language support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch
  • Apple Watch support in development. Please contact us for more info!



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